Chicago, IL (PRWEB) August 25, 2009 — Emmad Aburas is just like any other college student, except for the fact that he is the CEO and founder of ( Yapem is the first central linking website tailored for users. Emmad was just 19 years of age when he launched Yapem on August 3, 2009. The main aspect of Yapem is its ability to use opinions and thoughts created by users, along with any webpage content, and broadcast it. Yapem allows users to instantly create embeddable content while using photos and videos with one click of a button.

Users have the ability to easily browse the internet through Yapem which creates an experience for users by centering the internet around the user. Users have the ability to stay connected with the people around them and express themselves through social features such as instant updates, group forming, messaging, and more.

The site features stories, reviews, news, opinion-asks, showoffs, photo galleries and more. Users can express opinions and views in any way they would like and choose whether they want their opinions and views broadcasted to the world rapidly or just to the people around them. Yapem offers users the ability to voice their thoughts and opinions to the public and mainstream media instantly. The options on Yapem are simple yet endless; every user will find something of value on Yapem.

Yapem features the first ever Central Web Browser which concentrates the internet around the user and reinvents the internet as limitless. Users can comment and reply instantly in real-time on the web pages being browsed while rating and viewing previous comments. The connect feature allows users to view opinions, thoughts and user-content based around the webpage that’s being browsed. The tag feature allows users to tag web pages with keywords for whatever webpage they are viewing.

Emmad has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and Yapem was an outlet for his drive. “I actually started out investing heavily in the stock market when I turned 16, then began wholesaling electronics and then moved on to selling luxury cars through eBay”. Early on in his life Emmad was known for his love of technology and programming. He created a program which would automatically create eBay listings for electronics and cars by crawling various websites and retrieving product descriptions to easily market and list items on eBay.

Users will soon find that Yapem is a site that allows friends and family to connect online through sharing opinions and thoughts. Despite the openness, Yapem ensures user tailored privacy. Users can determine the level of privacy they would like on things such as profiles, albums, and determine who can view this content.

Yapem currently has a large user base which continues to grow at a rapid pace. “I want to change the way people use and see the internet”, and Emmad is doing just that. Without a doubt Yapem is truly the future of the internet.

About Yapem:

Yapem is a central linking website. Yapem was created to allow people to dynamically circulate their thoughts and opinions worldwide or locally while connecting with friends, family and people that share similar thoughts and opinions.


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