Social bookmarking is the hottest thing in SEO today. If you own a website, you cannot afford not using it. If you are not, you are missing a lot. This submission allows you to get huge traffic to your website and get a serious number of back links that can improve your search engine rankings. Here are some useful social bookmarking tips:

Choose Only Your Best Post!

If you have a big website or a blog, bookmarking every single post or article is a simple waste of time. Find the best ones, those that represent your work the best and submit them. You will be known as the webmaster or blogger with the best posts out there.

Choose Best Social Bookmarking Service!

If you decided to submit your best posts, then you need to submit only to the best bookmarking websites. The social bookmarking sites that exist today are abundant; not all of them though can help you achieve your goal. Some of them are not even worth mentioning, while sites such as Digg, Propeller, Delicious and Folkd are an absolute must. For other great social bookmarking list, you can go to 20 Great List of Social Bookmarking Site on Kemas Web Resources Blog.

Know Your Site Category!

Keep in mind that submitting your posts or website to social bookmarking sites you can gain both traffic and backlinks. It all depends though on the type of website you have. E-commerce websites do not go well on those sites because it cannot help in direct sales. People who look online and check these sites are in quest of good stories. If you cannot provide that then you will not become popular enough online. Write interesting stories and share them with other people, allowing them to share them with their friends.

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