I’m sure you have heard of the saying, “first impressions last”.  It used to just apply to personal interaction.  Before the advent of the Internet, we do our best to look good before leaving the house because we’ll never know who we’re going to meet.  We might meet our future employer, friend or even lover.  We know the importance of those two seconds of initial contact wherein they will see you from head to toe and get their initial impression right then and there.  Although it’s not the end all and be all, it is important because sometimes, we don’t get a second chance.

We are now at a time wherein we also try to establish our own website presence.  Due to the fact that businesses are now done online globally, our website is our chance to make a lasting impression.  There is now a need to design your own website using a custom web design to give your company the personality it needs to get ahead of the competition.  What are the benefits of having your own custom web design?  Here are some of its benefits:

  • It encourages equal footing among competitors
    Nowadays, you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company in order to be known.  With a proper custom website design, you can now be on equal footing with them in terms of creating an impression.
  • Flexibility
    You can design your own website if you have the talent for it.  If you don’t, you don’t need to worry because you can just hire a website design firm.  They have all the tools and expertise needed in order to put up your own website.  There is no limit on what you can do.
  • It’s your welcome mat
    Your website design is like your welcome mat.  If it is attractive and professional looking, customers would feel welcome and enter your site to check it out.  But if it’s not, they will be hitting the X button in no time.
  • It gives all the information needed by the customer
    If done correctly, your website should have all the information needed by your customer to do business with you.  This saves both of you the time and effort and can equate to more sales.
  • High search engine rankings
    If you are not familiar with search engine rankings, you can hire a website design firm and tell them that you want your website optimized for search engine rankings.  Then make sure you put in content that can increase your rankings as well.  This will give you the exposure that you need.
  • It gives the customer the feeling that they are dealing with your company directly
    It gives you and your customer the connection needed to establish a good relationship.  They would feel like they are inside your store while they’re sitting comfortably in their couch.

If you are really serious about being a force to be reckoned with in internet marketing, make sure you have a website designed to mirror who you and your company are. You might never get the second chance so make that first impression last to your advantage.

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